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Arable Brewing Co.

What makes us unique


Arable was the dream of Cam and Amy Wells and their good friend, Chris Archer. Cam and Chris have worked in the industry for a combined 16+ years.


We are a small craft brewery that is located in Eugene, Oregon. We take pride in brewing small batches, that produce a number of seasonal and specialized beers.


The dream team decided they are ready to go into business for themselves. And as a result, Arable Brewing Company was born and will be available for all in 2022!

Our Story

& How you can be involved in making history


We believe in the magic that occurs when good people
are brought together because of good beer.

Hello craft beer lovers,

Arable Brewing Company is running an investment campaign. This campaign will give you a chance to invest in our growing business and share in our success. I’m writing to let you know that you can lock in your spot today to be a part of this fundraising round. We would love to have your financial commitment to help Arable grow and thrive. As many of you know, this venture has been our tireless pursuit for the past couple of years. We are currently accepting reservations. By making the commitment now, you'll be one of our earliest public investors and will have your spot guaranteed for when our campaign officially launches!

Meet The Founders

& brewing specialists


Amy Wells

Boss Lady


Chris Archer



Cam Wells

Mad Scientist

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